Summer Score-Ch

summer score-ch sports are hot book promo

Did you know you can read 13 sports romances for FREE right now? Summer has just began and it's already SCORE-CHING hot! What hotter way to spend your summer than enjoying the sports we ALL miss? The below listed authors have "teamed" up to bring you a slew of FREE books and samples of their … Continue reading Summer Score-Ch

Review for “Love, Van B (The Incident Series #1) by Marla Holt

About Love, Van B (The Incident Series Book #1) by Marla Holt: Vanessa Birch doesnโ€™t have much when she moves to L.A. at twenty, just a dream, her guitar, and a supportive family cheering her on--well, her step-brother not so much--but when has Clay ever approved of anything, or anyone, Van did. He wouldnโ€™t support … Continue reading Review for “Love, Van B (The Incident Series #1) by Marla Holt