Summer Score-Ch

summer score-ch sports are hot book promo

Did you know you can read 13 sports romances for FREE right now? Summer has just began and it's already SCORE-CHING hot! What hotter way to spend your summer than enjoying the sports we ALL miss? The below listed authors have "teamed" up to bring you a slew of FREE books and samples of their … Continue reading Summer Score-Ch

Review for “Abundance (Abundance #1)” by Shanna Swenson

About Abundance (Abundance #1) by Shanna Swenson Misfortune comes to us all in some form... For Natalie Cameron, misfortune came in the most unspeakable way imaginable, now she must try and rebuild her life while fighting her own dark demons, the town speculation, her arrogant brother and her raging desire for the kindest man sheโ€™s … Continue reading Review for “Abundance (Abundance #1)” by Shanna Swenson